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What We Offer

We offer a variety of financial relationships to get you the help you need.

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Lynx Financials has special partnerships with these programs to get you fast help.

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What We Offer

We offer a variety of financial services ranging from loans to credit monitoring services. 

Lightning Fast Loans

If you are having trouble at the bank getting a loan because of your credit or other reasons, we can help. We have helped get thousands of people approved for bad credit loans. We accept all credit types and only run a soft credit check so that it does not damage your credit further. 

With a safe and simple process, you should be able to receive fast funds by tomorrow.

Online Installment Loans

If you are struggling to get your finances in order, we are here to help. Online loans are often hard to come by, especially when you need more than $1,000 in funding. We can help offer ​online installment loans in your area.


With over 100 different lender relationships who fund nationwide, you can receive up to $5,000 by requesting a loan from the comfort of your home.

Personal Loans for Bad Credit

We understand that your bank account is getting harder and harder to keep full. We also know the struggle in this day and age to even save money. Whether it’s to put your kids through college, pay off medical bills, or simply try and purchase a home, we can help find you a personal loan for bad credit. Simply complete our request form, wait for an instant decision, and get cash deposited straight to your account. All credit types are accepted. 

Small Business Loans

Most new business owners need the proper funding for their businesses in order to get them up and running. If you make at least $5,000 monthly income and have been established 6 months or longer, we can help find a lender that can give your business the funding it needs. Whether it’s for payroll, working capital, or simply need more cash to back your projects, request an online business loan with us to see how much you can get approved for.

Credit Cards for Bad Credit

Start building your credit here with Lynx Financials partner programs for credit cards. Simply apply for the card, wait for it to be delivered, then start spending and paying off the card before the pay period is over. With a $500 credit limit, it makes it manageable to raise your credit fast and easy.

Online Credit Check

More times than not, people are denied a loan from a bank due to their credit score being too low. Luckily, this is something that is not impossible to fix. With hard work and dedication you can fix your credit. The first solution is to find out what your credit is, with our free credit check. This will give you a stepping stone to take necessary steps. 

Best Auto Loans

Buying a car can be challenging. Affording the down payment can be even more challenging. Luckily, we can provide a service much like  chase auto loan services. Our goal is to help you walk into the dealership with a pre-approved auto loan to make the process easy and more streamlined, whether you are aiming for a new or used car purchase.

Fast Easy Debt Relief

Are you drowning in medical bills? Getting behind on credit card payments? If you are in more debt than you can handle, we help provided you with our fast easy debt relief services. Simply complete the online debt form, and we will have someone reach out to explain the process and help you get started. Read about what debt consolidation is to see if it is right for you.

About Us

Find Personal Lending Business Lending Credit Repair Credit Cards Debt Relief

Lynx Financials has been helping thousands of consumers daily with financial services since 2014. Our financial programs have been proven to work and help people all around the country.

Our services include:

  • Short Term Loan Programs
  • No Interest Credit Cards
  • Credit Repair Program
  • Credit Monitoring Programs.

We prides ourselves on providing reliable and trustworthy financial services that help our customer base reach get the services.

If you have trouble deciding which service you need, drop us an email: [email protected]

View Testimonials

I was able to get $95k in funding for my business last year when no bank would help me. After I supplied them with the paperwork they requested, the funds were in my business account as soon as the next business day. Thank you Lynx Financials.
Cary Muskell
I was able to lower my debt from $20k down to $5k in only six months. On top of that, they lent me $10k personal loan to get back up on my feet and consolidate all the debt I had.
Juan Uribe
Mcdonald's Location Owner
Because my credit has been so low, Lynx Financial was able to help me find incredibly quick funding by the next business day. I applied through Lightning Fast Loans and found out in literally a minute when I was approved.
Loren Eltiste
Store Manager
My credit was incredibly low after I had to put my kids through college. Lynx Financials' credit repair program not only allowed me to find out what credit I have, but also helped me raise my credit by 200 points.
Juno Durango
Graphic Designer


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