Fast Easy Debt Relief – $10k+ Credit Card Debt Program

By Lynx Financials
$10k+ Credit Card Debt Relief | Fast Easy Debt Relief

U.S. Rise in Debt

In 2019, we experienced a high volume of consumers with high amounts of Credit Card Debt (over $10,000). We also experienced something similar to to 2008 financial crisis in terms of the amount of debt that has been piling up.

2020 is now continuing this pattern, with the shutdowns across the nation that are not only hurting small business owners, but are hurting most consumers as well. The trends we’ve been noticing is a lot of credit cards that are being maxed out just to live. The substantial rise in national debt has been astounding, facing $22 trillion in February 2019. We knew there was something we can do to help both our economy, and our consumer base.

Fast Easy Debt Relief

In light of our findings, we took it upon ourselves to start our own debt relief program to help consumers lower their debt and raise their credit. This has been a main project for us over the past year, and we are pleased to announce the program has finally launched. Introducing Fast Easy Debt Relief, the debt program managed by Lynx Financials that allows consumers with $10,000 or more in credit card debt a chance to lower or completely disintegrate their debt. We also have programs that are designed to help consumers budget properly to be able to prevent being in the same situation again.